Family Program / An American Girl Book Party

I loved the American Girls and their book series growing up so I thought planning this program would be a cinch but it ended up being a lot harder than I thought!  There is a whole lot more emphasis on the girls of "today" than on the historical characters now than in the past - I also thought they would have activity ideas, coloring or activity sheets on the American Girl website, but nope (except for online games).  Not a thing - so I had to be really creative with this one & borrowed a really fun craft!
Doll Party Hat template + instructions from Make It Do

My library friends made doll-sized party hats with the template and instructions from Make It Do - it was fun to see all the girls carrying their party-ready dolls around the library!  I had several girls make hats to take home for their dolls to wear since they didn't have their doll with them that night.   After making their hats, they could visit different stations around the room for various activities like this AG Matching Game:

The goal of this activity was to match each object with the American Girl who would have used it in her specific time period - the grown-ups really liked this one! :)

Another activity was a simple scavenger hunt where kids had to find each star featuring a different character hidden around the room.  Finally the kids had to vote on their favorite American Girl character:

They put a sticker on the picture of their favorite character - these were by far the most popular American Girls!  Although this program was probably the hardest to plan of the whole semester I think it was also the biggest success.  Hopefully these ideas help you if you or your library decides to host their own American Girl program!

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